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Here you will find gloryfy unbreakable glasses, which are no longer part of our current collections and therefore on sale. Despite the discount on the original price, all of our quality and warranty standards apply to the glasses sold in this section just as to any official gloryfy glasses.



G7 Black gradientG7 Black gradient
Black gradient
G7 Beach northshoreG7 Beach northshore
Beach northshore
G7 Seven sins - gluttonyG7 Seven sins - gluttony
Seven sins - gluttony
G7 Seven sins - greedG7 Seven sins - greed
Seven sins - greed
G7 Seven sins - lustG7 Seven sins - lust
Seven sins - lust
G7 Seven sins - prideG7 Seven sins - pride
Seven sins - pride
G7 Seven sins - slothG7 Seven sins - sloth
Seven sins - sloth
G7 Seven sins - wrathG7 Seven sins - wrath
Seven sins - wrath

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Safe payment
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